Extruded Maxiblock Shutter

For the greatest level of security for your windows. Protect your home with Extruded Maxiblock Blockout Roller Shutters
Roll Formed Slat (left) Extruded Slat (right)
The Extruded Maxiblock Shutter is the toughest shutter on the market.

The secret to its strength lies in the extruded aluminium slats used in the curtain. A standard slat is rolled from material which is 0.68mm thick whereas the extruded slats are made in one piece with a wall thickness of 1.2mm. As the slats are double walled the total thickness of the material in the curtain is 2.4mm. which makes the curtain extremely strong and the additional weight makes the overall level of security much higher for commercial applications.

The extruded Maxiblock shutter also features the "H" lock system and heavy duty bottom bar which locks the the curtain into the tracks.

The insulation properties of the extruded shutter can reduce heat gain and loss by up to 70%.

Recommended applications:

  • Targeted commercial premises - Pharmacies, News-agencies, Liquor Stores.
  • Vandal prevention
  • Large openings - Garages, Patios, outdoor rooms. Roller shutters are often used where hight limitations prevent the use of a traditional roller door.


  • Blockout Intruders - The mechanical protection and visual appearance of the Maxiblock shutter can prevent, deter and impede unwanted intruders. (For commercial applications we recommend Extruded Maxiblock Shutters)
  • Blockout Wind,Rain & Hail - prevent wind driven rain from entering windows and doors. Shutters can also make verandas and patios usable in when the weather is unpleasant.