Original Blockout Shutter


The Original Blockout Roller Shutter is our basic standard external shutter. The curtain is made using a roll formed aluminium slat which is filled with foam to provide excellent insulation properties. All major components are made from powder coated aluminium to provide a long lasting rust free product.

The combination of the foam filled curtain slats and the air gap created between the shutter and the window glass can reduce the heat gain in summer by up to 90% and the heat loss in winter by up to 70%


  • Blockout Heat - keeps the heat out in summer, traps the warmth in winter. Westerly facing windows can make afternoons very uncomfortable, not with Blockout!
  • Blockout Noise - reduce road and other unwanted noise
  • Blockout Light - great for shift-workers and children who need to sleep during the day
  • Blockout Intruders - even standard shutters can act as a deterrent to intruders who will usually pick the easiest target. (For higher levels of protection chose Maxiblock or Extruded Maxiblock shutters)